The Discovery of Chinese Etymology – Teaching ECCE Chinese Literacy using Linguistic Science 发现汉字


A two-day master class aimed to enhance the pedagogical expertise of our ECCE Chinese teachers! Acquire innovative skills, which can be integrated into classroom teaching and Singapore’s culture. Implement innovative strategies to cultivate motivation intrinsically with creative learning resources. 


A free resource kit is also made available to every participant, and can be immediately used at your centre! 


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Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will be able to :   

  • Develop an understanding for an alternative Chinese Etymology teaching methodology 
  • Implement strategies to help young children develop intrinsic motivation in the learning of Chinese language 
  • Design and create Chinese character teaching aids to help children understand the etymological development of Chinese characters 
  • Acquire techniques to apply teaching methodology in Singapore Early Childhood Classrooms  


(All workshop content will be in Simplified Chinese.)



Trainers' Profile:

Dr Daisy Lau is currently Chairman of the Montessori Research and Development Society of Hong Kong. She has 16 years of Montessori infant and child education front-line work experience, with the United States Montessori Association teacher trainer qualification. In recent years, she has been a Mongolian Education cConsultant for more than 20 kindergartens in Mainland China.   








  • 对另一种汉语语源学教学方法形成理解
  • 实施策略以帮助幼儿发展汉语学习的内在动力
  • 设计和创建汉字教具,以帮助儿童了解汉字的词源发展
  • 掌握在新加坡幼儿教室应用教学方法的技巧








Programme Fee

$428.00 (inclusive of 7% GST)  




Who Should Join

Preschool Teachers, Principals and Practitioners in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education


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