Introduction to Children’s Art Healing-Education 艺术育疗 Part 1 儿童艺术育疗


Art education combines the spirit of art therapy with teaching techniques. Unlike traditional "art therapy", "education therapy" uses art as a tool to emphasize the effects of education within the early childhood classroom and the prevention of a negative mental state; prioritising teaching techniques that focuses on prevention over treatment. Art Education Therapy uses the expressive nature of art therapy techniques combined with a strong emphasis on education techniques that are heuristic and focuses on the development of innate potential. 


This series of art therapy workshops addresses children's emotional and behavioral problems. Learn strategies that uses art as a medium to allow children to release and transform their negative emotions into creativity and self-expression. Art Education Therapy also helps with concentration, learning, problem-solving, and interpersonal communication in children. Improve family bonds, and unlock a child’s potential, imagination, and creativity.  


Learning Objective:

  • Understand how art has the power to surpassspeech to unlock a child’s potential 
  • Learn the difference between Art EducationTherapy and Art Therapy, and it’s effects on a child’s psychology and artistic expression 
  • Learn about the unique characteristics of art as a medium. 
  • Design art activities suitable for the Early Childhood classroom  



Trainers' Profile

Dr. Hoong is a clinical psychologist, an expressive art therapist, the founder of SCW Education Group, and a special lecturer at Xinmiao Teachers College. He is an early pioneer in applying art therapy to mental counseling and combining art therapy with children's picture books. One of the people. Dr. Yun is also a member of the American Art Therapy Association, a member of the International
Performance Art Therapy Association, and a certified supervisor of the Australian Counselling Society. Dr. Yun is often invited to give lectures to schools, companies, medical institutions and non-profit groups across Asia, set up comprehensive art therapy and training centers, host support groups, parent-child lectures and parent workshops. Recently, he is committed to promoting the creation of art psychology combined with parent-child education, parent-child reading and picture books. He also provides creative teaching and training, teacher professional development and mental health consulting services for institutions of higher learning, primary and secondary schools and private education institutions.  





本次的系列艺术育疗工作坊针对儿童的情绪与行为问题。通过艺术的媒介, 体现艺术的创造力、表达力,让儿童的负面情绪得以抒发释放,并能帮助儿童提高专注力、学习能力、解决问题能力和人际交流能力等,同时对亲子关系、潜能开发、想象力与创造力开发都有一定的帮助。  



  • 艺术超越语言的力量与潜能开发 
  • 艺术教育 VS 艺术治疗,儿童心理与情绪在艺术上的表现 
  • 艺术媒材的特点与运用 
  • 艺术活动的设计  



云威铭博士是一名临床心理学家,表达性艺术治疗师,SCW教育集团创办人,新苗师範学院特 聘讲师,本土早期运用艺术治疗于心治辅导和结合艺术治疗与儿童绘本创作的开创人之一。 云博士也是一位美国艺术治疗协会会员,国际表现艺术治疗协会会员,澳洲辅导学会认证督导 师等资格。 

云博士常受邀为亚洲各地学府、企业、医疗机构及非营利团体讲学、设立综合艺术治疗和培训 中心、主办支持小组、亲子讲座和家长工作坊等。 

近期致力于推广艺术心理结合亲子教育,亲子阅读和绘本的创作. 他也为高等学府, 中小学校和 私立教育机构提供创意教学培训, 教师专业发展和心理健康等咨询服务.   



Programme Fee

 $117.70 (inclusive of 7% GST)  




keyboard_arrow_upYear 2021


Workshop is taught online for this intake due to the current COVID-19 situation. 


Who Should Join?

Preschool Teachers, Principals and Practitioners in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education 




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