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Parents play a critical role in shaping a child’s future and enriching their learning journey. The first 1,000 days of a child’s life is the golden window of opportunity for their development. At this stage, children are absorbing everything they see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.


In a poll conducted by NTU, over 95% of parents regret not spending enough time with their children during the early years. Relationship development, bilingual language development, all have their foundation started in a child’s first 3 years, and once missed, this optimal window of learning will be lost.


0 - 4 months old


1. Responding to Baby’s Needs & Daily Care

Routines are crucial for your baby’s first months. Learn to integrate your lifestyle into consistent family routines to create a safe and healthy environment for them. Recognise your baby’s developmental milestones, and react to their temperament with love, care and connection.


2. From Reflexive to Voluntary Behaviours

Talking is key to developing your baby’s language skills, but you don’t always have to read a story to them, you can always make one up. Learn how to create fun and interesting stories that stimulate your little one and engage their different senses.


3. See Me. Hold Me. Listen to Me

It is important to connect with your baby without words. Understand their cues, and work with your individual strengths to amplify your bond with your baby.



4 – 8 months old


4. I am Different From You

Social and emotional development is crucial for your baby to build trust and attachments. Understand the importance of speech and language in developing your little one’s response to social relationships.


5. I Like Consistent Daily Routines

What’s it like being a baby? Is everything fuzzy and difficult to understand? De-code your baby’s sleeping patterns and muscle development and learn about the appropriate nutrition for them.


6. I am Imitating You

As a baby, your little one is already trying their best to make sense of the world around them. Understand what is going on in your baby’s brain, and learn practical tips on how to communicate with them effectively.



8 – 12 months old


7. Daddy, Mummy, Please Don’t Go!

Ease your little one’s stranger anxiety and move away from materialistic distractions. Learn to read your child’s reactions in social situations to minimise their fear of the unknown.


8. Keeping Me Safe, Clean & Healthy

Turn daily routines into learning opportunities, and support your baby’s motor skills during play. Also learn about dental care for your baby, and what to anticipate during teething.


9. Playful Baby

Have we forgotten what it’s like to be a child? How simple tasks like piecing a puzzle or playing with Lego can take up all our mental concentration? Support your baby’s development during play, and help them explore their 5 senses!



1 – 2 years old


10. I am the Centre of the Universe

Your active child is starting to want to take charge, they want to try everything and do everything on their own. How do you connect with them now? Enter their world, and understand their actions from your child’s perspective.


11. Protect Me, the Curious Explorer

Cultivate a healthy lifestyle for your little one from young. Create good nutritional and sleeping habits for your child, and learn to set appropriate boundaries for them to explore.


12. Support & Help Me Grow Into 'Me'

Support and communicate with your little one to develop their social relationships and emotional well-being. Help your child manage their tantrums and create avenues for healthy emotional expressions.


2 – 3 years old


13. Skills I Need to Become Me

Being a parent is not just about providing food and shelter for your child, it is also about connecting with them through love and assurance while imparting positive values and behaviours. Pick up practical tips to support your child holistically.


14. I Can Learn & Regulate Myself

How do you support your child’s cognitive, perception and motor skills? Learn to anticipate your toddlers actions before their reactions, and engage them in meaningful activities.


15. I Can Take Care of Myself

Does your child constantly wants to be involved? Are they expressing their likes and dislikes strongly now? Learn to set boundaries while empowering your little one as they explore this wide world!



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