Using Picture Books to Nurture Speaking Ability 口语教学融入在绘本教学中


Picture books have always been beloved by children and is the perfect gateway to cultivate the love of reading in many children. These picture books and their storytelling appeal are also the popular choice for parents to create bonding moments with their child. But how do you make full use of these picture books to develop bilingualism and create a lifelong love of language in your child?

Conducted in Mandarin, this workshop teaches parents how to create engaging storytelling experiences, spark inquiring minds, and encourage vocal participation in your child.





一、 如何选择能激发兴趣、诱发说话欲望的适当绘本

二、 如何开展又简单又容易上手的亲子手工活动和游戏

三、 如何导读

四、 如何提问

五、 如何进行亲子互动



Trainer’s profile:

Professor Aw is an Associate Professor at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, and the Assistant Director in the Department of Asian Languages and Culture, at the National Institute of Education.

The best way for children to learn is to develop their interest, ability and inclination. Singapore children in the 21st Century need to have a strong foundation in listening, speaking and comprehension skills, which they can pick up easily with a hands-on learning approach. With significant experience as a Chinese Language Advisor for Primary and Secondary education in Singapore, Professor Aw has since conducted many popular teachers and parents’ seminar.




教学主张以结合个人兴趣、尊重意愿与能力来培养儿童的自主学习能力为方向,针对新加坡学生的学习需要和21世纪教育来设计培养听说读写能力、操作性强的学习方法和活动;曾多次受邀担任中小学与学前华文教育专家顾问、主持多场教师与家长讲座,深受欢迎。 世纪教育来设计培养听说读写能力、操作性强的学习方法和活动;曾多次受邀担任中小学与学前华文教育专家顾问、主持多场教师与家长讲座,深受欢迎。



Programme Fee

$60 (inclusive of 7% GST)


keyboard_arrow_up30 May (Saturday)

Time: 9am – 1pm

Venue: SEED Institute @ Mountbatten Square

Who Should Join?

育有0-6岁幼儿的父母 Parents with children 0 to 6 years old

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