Character Building With Picture Books 绘本与品格



There are many ways to build character, but it is important to start cultivating a strong sense of self from a young age.

Conducted in Mandarin, this workshop will focus on how to get children to understand that having a good character is not just about actions, but about the intention and meaning behind it. Through picture books, parents will learn creative ways to engage and encourage their positive emotional expression in their child. Learn from our expert on using picture books to build positive character and how to apply the lessons in the stories in everyday lives.


This is a parents-only workshop.




此门课程, 我们将带领家长藉由绘本 ,让孩子理解品格的意涵,期待藉由读绘本动手做和亲子小游戏 ,一起陪伴儿童玩出品格力并在生活中实践 。



· 透过绘本引导儿童理解品格的意涵

· 藉由活动分享经验不一样的品格教育活动

· 运用绘本进行多元创意活动

· 经由绘本引导儿童语言表达能力

· 品格教育如何在生活中实践

· 品格教育如何延伸到家庭





Programme Fee

$85.60 (inclusive of 7% GST)


keyboard_arrow_up25 July (Saturday)

Time: 9am – 1pm

Venue: SEED Institute @ Mountbatten Square

Who Should Join?

育有 0-6 岁幼儿的父母

Parents with children 0 to 6 years old.

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