Parents Mandarin Workshop: Interacting with Young Children Aged up to 3 Years 与0-3岁幼儿互动技巧家长培训课程


Fun and simple ways to expose your kids to Mandarin 

Babies form an intimate connection with their parents from birth. As your child becomes more interested in the world around them, the early years are the best times to expose your child to language. 

Conducted in Mandarin, this specially developed workshop for parents with infants and toddlers will share simple tips on how you can create an immersive environment for learning Mandarin at home. 



  • Maximising parent-child interactions by turning daily routines into learning opportunities
  • Choosing the right Mandarin picture book as your child grows. Get tips on selecting age-appropriate Mandarin picture books to fuel your child’s language development and enhance parent-child bonding 
  • Making and using finger puppets and songs to stimulate learning and development (materials provided). Get your child ready for a whole lot of wiggly, giggly fun by dreaming up wonderful stories and creating catchy tunes with finger puppets. 

This is a parents-only workshop.

Raising A Reader: A Guide For Parents with Toddlers







  • 了解日常生活中亲子互动的最佳时机 
  • 掌握如何根据婴幼儿的成长阶段挑选适龄好书,进行亲子互动 
  • 学会运用手指歌谣,提升婴幼儿的学习能力及促进婴幼儿的心智发展 






Programme Fee

After subsidy by CPCLL - $12.35* | Usual Price: $112.35

Prices stated above are inclusive of 7% GST.

Programme fees are inclusive of an Activity Kit + Mandarin picture books.

CPCLL Funding

The participant should meet at least ONE of the following conditions:

  • Expectant Mothers with E.D.D before 31-December-2020 (Singaporeans/PRs only)
  • Parents with young children born after 1-January-2017 (Singaporeans/PRs only)

*Please upload your child's birth certificate, or doctor's E.D.D letter during registration to be eligible for the funding.

CPCLL 津贴后: $12.35* | 原价: $112.35




  • 准父母 - 预产期在2020 年12 月31 日之前(新加坡公民或永久居民)
  • 育有0-3 岁幼儿的父母 - 在2017 年1 月1 日后出生(新加坡公民或永久居民)

**请在注册时上载您孩子的出生证明或医生的预产期 信函,以便获得资助。 信函,以便获得资助





Time: 10am - 12pm

Venue: Online Zoom session + Online Activity on Gnowbe

This course is conducted online due to the current Covid-19 situation.

Who Should Join?

Parents with infants and toddlers between 0-3 years old.



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