Creative Art Expression


Bond with your child through creative art activities, and learn how to connect with your child to make every interaction meaningful!

In a series of Creative Art Workshop for children by Wow! Art Learning, develop your child’s aesthetic abilities and creative confidence through exploration and experimenting with a variety of art activities!

Parents will also learn strategies from SEED Institute’s Early Childhood Expert on how to effectively communicate with your child and make learning meaningful at home.  

Creative & Aesthetic Development Course (Children's Workshop)


When children actively participate in questioning, exploring and experimenting, they improve their abilities to think and form new knowledge. In this series of art workshop by Wow! Art Learning, children will:  


4 Years Old

  • Learn Oil Pastel Rendering and Etching techniques to compose your very own 2D Relief artwork. These art techniques are a great way to develop children’s finger muscles and improve their manual dexterity.  
  • Play with clay and experiment with different colours! Children will also learn about contrasting colour schemes and strengthen their colour concepts.  


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5-6 Years Old

  • Release your imagination and explore different materials and designs to create your very own masquerade mask!  
  • Want to draw more than just stick men? Discover various body forms and human postures using the elements of line, shapes, tints, and shades! 
  • Learn the significance of colours and patterns with Chinese painting techniques and discover the different brush strokes and line types to make your very own cherry blossom come to live.    


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Building Relationship With Your Child - Talk To Me (Parent's Workshop)

How do you make the most out of every interaction with your child? How do you connect with them, and teach them?  


Learn parenting strategies from our Early Childhood Expert and apply them in the art sessions with your little one! Make the time that you spent together meaningful with wonderful learning opportunities.  

Your communication style impacts how your child acts, behaves and responds to others. Learn how to use the right tone, model good manners, ask for your child’s opinions and listen to their needs.




Programme Fee

$90.95 for a series of 4x Art Workshops + Parenting workshop

(Inclusive of GST)

Art materials are not included

4yo: Click here to purchase the art materials for the class 

5-6yo: Click here to purchase the art materials for the class 




keyboard_arrow_up4 Year Olds (Online Zoom sessions)

Children Workshop - Creative & Aesthetic Development

Date: Aug 22, 29 + Sept 5, 12 (4x Sat)

Time: 10.30am – 11.30am


Parenting Workshop - Building Relationship With Your Child

Date: 12 Aug (Wed) 

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm



keyboard_arrow_down5-6 Year Olds (Online Zoom sessions)

Who Should Join?

Parents and children between 4 - 6 years old. 


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