Claws, Paws, Hoofs and More!


In a series of thematic online workshops from LEAP Schoolhouse your little ones will learn about literacy and dramatic movements through animals and nature! 


In a separate session conducted by our Early Childhood Expert, parents will also discover how to create and carry out simple and fun multisensory games and activities at home to continue their child's learning and mastery of early literacy skills!  

2 - 3 Years Old

Claws, Paws, Hoofs and More! (Children's Workshop)

Develop the foundational skills of listening, speaking and reading for your little one! 


Promote inquisitivity and a curiosity towards learning. A contextualized teaching approach is adopted with children learning from the enjoyment of being read to and being immersed into dramatic expression. 


Learning Objectives

  • Informal play activities enhancing motor skills and dexterity. 
  • Early exposure to basic print. 
  • Enhancement to literacy development through exploring a print rich environment integrated with meaningful thematic links.  


STEPS: Skills I Need To Become Me (Parent's Workshop)  

Literacy starts with communication. Communicate and connect with your child to nurture strong social and emotional skills.  


Being a parent is not just about providing food and shelter for your child, it is also about connecting with them through love and assurance while imparting positive values and behaviours. Pick up practical tips from our Early Childhood Expert to support your child holistically.  




4 - 6 Years Old

Claws, Paws, Hoofs and More! (Children's Workshop)

Pick up early literacy skills and dramatic movements with our Early Childhood Educator. Through the use of puppetry, dramatic techniques and mimicry techniques, our little ones will be able to learn more about the world of creatures and at the same time develop the following skills: 

  • Fine Motor 
  • Creativity 
  • Listening  


Using Multisensory Games & Activities to Build Early Literacy Skills (Parent's Workshop)

Learning doesn't stop at school. Understand the essential skills and behaviours a child needs before they learn to read and write. Acquire multisensory strategies from our Literacy and English Language Specialist to develop your child's literacy skills!  


Early literacy comprises a set of skills and behaviours that a child needs before he learns how to read and write. These basic skills include Visual Perceptual Skills, Word Awareness, and Alphabet Recognition and Formation. In this workshop, parents will discover how to create and carry out simple and fun multisensory games and activities at home to help their child master essential early literacy skills.   




Programme Fee

$107 (Inclusive of GST)

Programme Fees include:

- 4x Dramatic Workshops

- Parenting Workshop

- Activity Resource Pack (with postage delivery)


keyboard_arrow_up2 - 3 Years Old

Children - Claws, Paws, Hoofs and More!

Date: 22, 29 Aug, 5, 12 Sept (4x Saturdays)

Time: 9.30am - 10.15am

Venue: Online Zoom Session


Parents - Skills I Need To Become Me

Date: 15 Aug (Saturday)

Time: 4pm - 6pm

Venue: Online Zoom Session



keyboard_arrow_down4 - 6 Years Old

Who Should Join?

Parents and children between 2 to 6 years old. 


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