Art Education & Emotional Management Workshop 通过多元化的艺术媒材来提升孩子的情绪管理


Emotions can be a lot to handle for young children as they experience their environment for the first time. Turn those negative emotions into positive behavior and mindset! 


Understand your child's temperament. Let your child express their emotions healthily through art, and learn to use this opportunity to build a strong bond with your child.  


Conducted in Mandarin, learn the art emotional management education strategies in this workshop and use art as a medium to develop wellness, and boost your child’s creativity, concentration and social skills.  


Workshop Content:

  • Explore the art of children's emotional expression 
  • The color of the child's emotions 
  • Creative expression of children's feelings 
  • The application of multi art media 
  • Creative experience 









  • 探索孩子情绪表达的艺术 
  • 孩子情绪的颜色 
  • 创意式的表达孩子的感觉 
  • 多元艺术媒材的应用 
  • 创作体验 



Trainer’s profile: Michelle Yeo Hwee Hong

Michelle Yeo Hwee Hong is a child psychologist, expressive art therapist, and family-child quality education teacher. She is currently the Director of Curriculum Planning and Development at SCW Education, and SEED Institute’s Special Guest Lecturer. With many years of experience in counselling and expressive art therapy, she has combined art therapy techniques into various aspects of early childhood education such as: preschool education, picture books, and special needs education. Ms Yeo has also been invited by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) to host a workshop at the 2015 Preschool Chinese Teaching Seminar, and hosted a lecture at the 2018 Mother Tongue Language Forum. She is currently partnering the National Library Board (NLB) to develop a series of parent-child reading and parent-child mandarin-learning sessions. 




杨慧芳老师是一名儿童心理专家、表达性艺术治疗师和儿童与家庭素质教育导师. 杨老师目前担任SCW教育集团的课程规划与发展总监、新苗师范学院特聘讲师。她拥有多年的心理辅导与表达性艺术治疗的经验,并将此技术结合运用在教育的各个不同的领域当中:如幼教、儿童绘本创作和特殊儿童全体康复教育等。她也曾受邀为推广华文学习委员会主办的2015年的学前华文教学研讨会暨工作坊主持工作坊。于2018年杨老师又受邀到母语论坛上主持讲座。目前她也和NLB携手合作开办亲子阅读和亲子共同学华语的系列讲座  

杨老师经常接受海内外媒体节目的专访,发表有关亲子教育,儿童与青少年心理和特殊儿童教育等课题。 她也曾积极的参与社区服务的工作而获得总统团体义工奖。  



Programme Fee

$50 (Inclusive of 7% GST) 




3hrs Workshop

Venue: Online Zoom Session

This workshop is taught online due to the current COVID-19 situation.


Who Should Join?

Parents with children between 2 to 6 years old.

育有 岁幼儿的父母。


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